A Friend in Need is a job in Sly 2: Band of Thieves. Murray has been captured by Carmelita Fox, so Sly must follow her to find out where he is.


Follow CarmelitaEdit

For the first part of this job, simply follow Carmelita. She will occasionally pause and look around, so stay out of her flashlight. If Carmelita detects you, or you get too far from her, you will have to start over.

Free MurrayEdit

Upon reaching Murray's jail cell, Carmelita will have a conversation with Murray and then leave. Once she's gone, Sly will come up to Murray, who tells him that Carmelita possesses all three keys to his cell. Follow her around, and pickpocket one key at a time. Carmelita will feel you pickpocket the key, so run away to lose her. Repeat this with the other two keys, and then go back to Murray's cell and free him.


Name Description Type
Trophy WatchOutIt'sSpicy Jailed Cotton Candy Pickpocket three keys from Carmelita in Canada Bronze