A Shadow from the Past is the prologue episode of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. Two years after the events of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, the Cooper Gang breaks into the Cairo Museum of Natural History to steal the Clockwerk parts.



Sly Cooper drops down from the rope hanging from the roof and circles the room before pulling out his Binocucom and talking with Bentley. The two discuss how they will be stealing the Clockwerk parts, and how Bentley is stuck in the basement. Sly jumps up onto a whale skeleton that hangs from the ceiling and turns on the service elevator for Bentley, who then hacks into the museum's security system and opens the large security gate that blocks his path.

Sly travels through the museum before making it to a balcony and being reminded by Bentley of the rail walk technique. He then makes his way to the next section of the museum, where Murray was supposed to rendezvous with him. After a moment of attempting to continue on alone, Murray Thunder Flops through the skylight and opens the next security gate before breaking a third gate with a thrown statue. As the rope will not hold Murray's weight, Sly again continues alone.

In the main room where the Clockwerk Parts are supposed to be on display, Sly is met with an empty room. Bentley decides to call the mission off, but is interrupted by Inspector Carmelita Fox and Constable Neyla emerging from two sarcophagi on the far side of the room. Carmelita orders Sly to freeze before calling him predictable in returning to the scene of the crime. Confused, Sly questions whether or not the parts have already been stolen, and Neyla lets slip that they may have been stolen by the Klaww Gang.

While the two officers argue, Sly starts to make his escape, but is seen by Carmelita, who immediately gives chase. Sly runs through a long hall and meets up with Bentley and Murray along the way, before the latter two break off and make for the Cooper Van. Sly, now acting as a distraction, breaks through the museum window and travels across the rooftops, Carmelita still in hot pursuit as the Van is chased by cop cars below. Sly finally makes his escape, sliding down a rail to the road below and jumping into the open back doors, before the Van drives off, narrowly missing the fleet of cop cars.

After escaping from the police, Sly wonders if Neyla's mention of the Klaww Gang was intentional or not. Being the only lead they have on stolen Clockwerk parts, he decides that he and the Gang should follow up on it. As Sly contemplates the possible reconstruction of Clockwerk, he remarks that he will not let his future be a repeat of his past.

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