Charged TNT Run is a job in Sly 2: Band of Thieves. One of the blimp's engines is sealed shut, so in order to deactivate it, Sly Cooper must blow it up from the outside using a barrel of TNT. He needs to collect several boosters to increase the power of the blast.


A chute at the starting point will drop out TNT barrels, so jump into one. When you find a booster, get close to it and it will automatically attach to the barrel.

  • The first booster is on the port walkways above the side platform next to the cargo deck. Sly can walk up a staircase from this side platform to reach it.
  • The second booster is on a port walkway towards the bow. Take the circular walkway underneath the central fan to get there.
  • The third booster is at the starboard circular motor block, at the upper deck of the stern. To reach it, bounce up on the trampolines by the furnaces (at the bow) to climb onto the upper walkways, which will connect to that part of the airship.

After obtaining all the boosters, walk the TNT barrel to the locked down engine room to deliver the payload. To get to the engine room, you will need to walk across one of the blimp's giant fans; wait until the fan levels out to walk across it. The engine itself is at the top of the building, so take the trampoline to the top. Get the TNT barrel onto the top of the engine, jump out, and blow it to bits.