return {
    ['triangle'] = 'Triangle.svg|Triangle',
    ['circle'] = 'Circle.svg|Circle',
    ['x'] = 'X.svg|X',
    ['square'] = 'Square.svg|Square',
    ['u'] = 'Up.svg|Up',
    ['r'] = 'Right.svg|Right',
    ['d'] = 'Down.svg|Down',
    ['l'] = 'Left.svg|Left',
    ['l1'] = 'L1.svg|L1',
    ['l2'] = 'L2.svg|L2',
    ['r1'] = 'R1.svg|L1',
    ['r2'] = 'R2.svg|R2',
    ['l3'] = 'L3.svg|L3',
    ['r3'] = 'R3.svg|R3',
    ['lstick'] = 'LStick.svg|Left analog stick',
    ['rstick'] = 'RStick.svg|Right analog stick',
    ['start'] = 'Start.svg|Start',
    ['select'] = 'Select.svg|Select',
    ['home'] = 'Home.svg|PS button',
    ['yes'] = 'Yes.svg|Yes',
    ['no'] = 'No.svg|No',

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