This page lists game controls for Sly 2: Band of Thieves. As the game is playable on console and handheld, controls for both the DualShock 3 and PlayStation Vita will be included.

Sly CooperEdit

Action Controls
Move character LStick
Move camera RStick
Jump X
Double jump X + X
Swing cane Square
Charged cane spin Square (hold)
Interact / pickpocket Circle
Cane uppercut Triangle
Stealth slam Triangle + Square (behind enemy)
Ping waypoints L3
Open binocucom R3
Take photo R1 / X (in binocucom)
Run R1
Use paraglider R1 (while in air)
Use assigned gadget L1 / L2 / R2
Gadget grid Select
Pause menu Start




The turret is used during the following jobs: Battle the Chopper, Blow the Dam, Operation: Wet Tiger, Operation: High Road, and Carmelita's Gunner.

RC chopperEdit

The RC chopper is used during the following jobs: RC Bombing Run, Aerial Assault, and Operation: Choo-Choo.


The tank is used during the following jobs: Tank Showdown and Operation: High Road.

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