There are 30 different loot items in Sly 2. Every item type has three variants: bronze, silver, and gold. Only Sly Cooper can pickpocket loot off guards, and a glowing pocket indicates that a guard is carrying an item.


Loot Coins Loot Coins
Bronze Comb 11 Bronze Pocket Watch 32
Silver Comb 19 Silver Pocket Watch 62
Gold Comb 27 Gold Pocket Watch 97
Bronze Watch 24 Small Nugget 41
Silver Watch 41 Medium Nugget 79
Gold Watch 54 Large Gold Bar 120
Bronze Pen 22 Topaz 39
Silver Pen 49 Sapphire 81
Gold Pen 71 Ruby 122
Bronze Ring 17 Small Necklace 42
Silver Ring 40 Medium Necklace 84
Gold Ring 60 Large Necklace 127
Bronze Medal 29 Small Diamond 45
Silver Medal 54 Medium Diamond 91
Gold Medal 84 Large Diamond 137

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